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Learn about the history of Destination: Napa Valley Tours.

Our History

Destination: Napa Valley Tours has been operating under the guidance of Grant Long, Jr. for five years. With roots deep in the Napa Valley and years of experience in Hospitality, wine making and collecting, Grant has acquired the knack for explaining the intricacies of winemaking to both the experienced wine drinker and the neophyte. His wealth of inside information has entertained his guests beyond their expectations. Destination: Napa Valley Tours was founded in 1992 by Frank J.Connolly, a native New Yorker who retired to Napa Valley after 35 years as a sales executive for an international film company.

Today, Destination: Napa Valley Tours’ list of clients who have enjoyed memorable occasions here in the Wine Country is extensive. Whether they were honeymoon couples, groups of friends or business groups, all were guided in their choices for making their visit a most memorable and enjoyable one. They left the wine country with an appreciation and knowledge that will always be with them.

Our experienced guides who have lived and worked in the wine country, are an endless source of information and entertainment! Each itinerary is created to please the tastes and requirements of our clients.

Destination: Napa Valley Tours provides all of our clients with the most enjoyable and memorable experience possible when visiting the Napa Valley.